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Really having this mood right now.

I feel sitting alone staring at the world but I don’t know where am I. I feel lost. Losing everything worth stand for. I couldn’t walk anymore because I don’t know where to go.

Little girl who just loves art

Once upon the time, a girl played with her favorite toys. She get pencil and papers all around the floor. Then her mother came up and yelled at her “You only embarrassed our family! You keep wasting papers with your stupid draw! Why won’t you get out and start make something worth it?!”. She got extremely sad and end up with knife on her left arms. She died with tears and desperation. That she couldn’t be a worth human alive. But the picture of her arts get in to the internet and liked by so many people.
Who to blame? Who responsible?
She died already, left a lesson for every parents alive to watch the words came out their mouth.

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Photo by: Nadia Ernita

Listening to Really Don’t Care (feat. Cher Lloyd) by Demi Lovato

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